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About Us

Sales Leads is the pioneer in precision-targeted prospecting data. 


Since 1959, Sales Leads been helping sales professionals, sales and marketing managers, and executives across the US and Canada increase sales team productivity and drive revenue growth. 

Today, our fully customized lead generation and data solutions are built around sourcing and organizing targeted prospecting data and relevant insights for your business, so you can focus on the important stuff. 


Our mission is to solve the biggest problem in B2B sales and marketing... Finding more qualified prospects.



Sales teams don’t have enough time to devote hours toward researching their prospects, nor the know-how on finding the right decision makers efficiently. We help sales teams uncover new opportunities and identify key decision makers so that they can focus on selling, not researching who to call. 



Few marketing teams can rely solely on inbound leads. The Sales Leads platform sources your ideal contacts for outbound marketing campaigns so that you can build your marketing database with your ideal prospects that will convert into qualified leads. Email addresses are rigorously tested to guarantee accuracy. 


Throughout the evolution of sales and marketing, people have been using different types of data to make strategic decisions, build their pipelines, and ultimately find more customers. The problem is that many B2B organizations are using generic lead lists and surface level insights. This can work for some companies; but it typically results in lost sales productivity, inaccurate and dated information,  or investing valuable time and resources on cleansing and filtering the generic leads. 

There is a better way. What if the data was built for you, and you had information on your ideal target companies, precision-targeted contacts and decision makers, and insights into trigger events or organizational changes that are relevant to your unique needs? 

Our team of researchers and call center agents, coupled with powerful technology are dedicated to finding more leads for you. Whether its through our customized lead generation solutions, trigger event based insights, our office relocation leads, or industrial project leads; we work tirelessly to arm you with the data and prospect insights you need to drive revenue growth. 


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"SalesLeads data is far better than anything we've purchased in the past. The most accurate and targeted leads I've seen."

Dan F. VP of Inside Sales, Interactive Intelligence

"We've managed to cut the time spent on resarch and generating our own leads form the equivalent of 2 full time employees, to just 2 hours per day."

Mike T. Business Dev. Mgr., Special Lite Products Co., Inc.

"Selling without Sales Leads is like shooting in the dark. I never feel like I am making cold calls because of the intell. that I have prior to making a call."

Brad B. Sales Mgr., Sullair

"We sell into several different verticals, each with a unique customer profile that we need to target. With SalesLeads, we are able to change our target criteria as needed, rather than just buying bulk, static data."

Paul K. VP of Marketing, Universal Protection Services